Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Blew it big time yesterday........ sort of because I did do it consciously. First I had one corn tortilla with my dinner, then a big red apple, then half of a 3 Musketeers bar...... but I knew what I was doing - so I'm not excusing myself. But just to record what I was feeling when I ate, I really really was craving sugar so I ate the apple, but it did not satisfy or diminished the craving, then the nephew placed the choc bar right in from of me.... so I shared with my niece - but I could certainly have had the whole bar and more, I stopped at half - so I'm half patting myself for the control. Oh yes, I got on the scale to verify the loss and.................. nothing, the battery was gone from the scale.... oh God Bless my wonderful son...... =)

Monday, March 28, 2011


Yes, a loss was registered but I don't really believe it. Why? because I'm a half-empty glass kind of gal....... So if the loss is there next week then I can rejoice. So far today has been going good: Breakfast: Jack in box steak & eggs burrito...... no tortilla or potatoes, served in a bowl :) Drink: Coffee w lil bit of pwdr creamer Lunch: Ronnie's Antipasta Salad? Snack: 6 pre-cooked bacon slices.....Yum... <3 bacon! Dinner: 2 Eggs over medium w sauted veggies On my way home I need to stop and buy some 'stuff' including a pan for cooking eggs.... I'm ready to call it a day!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Report................

Well, yesterday was not a good day...... not terribly bad but definetly not good (had a small Coldstone icecream in a cup, wish I could say it was worth it).
The thing is that while I was eating the icecream, my mind kept telling me that I really did not want it.... but I persisted and finished it off. So now you see the me that I'm fighting against - the healthy/skinny me that wants to win keeps getting beat up by the unhealthy, selfish me. I had a plan that I should have stuck with (getting tea before meeting up w friend) but I was running late..... the rest is history, I have no one to blame but myself.

Today is not over yet but the healthy me is in control and looking forward to the future - I weigh in tomorrow, although I don't expect a loss perhaps there will even be a gain as long as is under 230 I can work with it.

My dear husband informed me that he prepared food for the week - home made mac & cheese, rice, pasta, hamburger patties, etc.... I did not have the heart to let him know that I would not be eating it, but at least now that I know he does not plan to cook I can be sure to eat before I get home or even cook!

I believe that I have a pretty good menu going.....
Breakfasts - scrambled eggs w vegetable toppings
Lunches - tuna mix w bell peppers, deli turkey- boiled eggs platter
Dinner - Pollo Correteado, Ronnie's salad

As I type away, there is a box full of candy bars for a school fundraiser........ I can not believe that I actually am not drawn to them - but the 'bad' me wants to take over and 'what the heck go for it'... but if I stop and really communicate with myself - I do not crave the candy.......

I close with this..... the last time I went to a doctor, I told him that I did not have an appetite, that I just ate because it was there...... he was very matter of fact with telling me 'eso no esta bien, porque no le pones atencion a tu cuerpo, es el unico que vas a tener'..........

Ok, one more thought just came to mind..... I can do all things with/thru God who strengthens me...... Amada, you can have a healthy week, stop, think, walk past the carbs.

p.s. I know that there is an errant 'k' floating in the writing somewhere, but for the life of my bad eyesight I can not located.... so here goes to posting 'as is'

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The weekend is here...........

Firstg I must report that yesterday was a good day:]
Breakfast - 2 scrambled eggs w sauteed veggies
drink - 1 cup of coffee
Lunch - Grilled chicken w fresh salsa
Dinner- 2 boiled eggs, 4 slices of turkey & 1 string cheese

After dinner at 5ish, I rested for 30 minutes, then talked w the Hubs about my day, took my step-mom shopping for my youngest niece, came home around 10 and to bed.....
So I'm pretty sure I did not snack....haha

However, this being the weekend - I must be vigilant to not fall pray to the 'zonambulant' walk to the fridge.........

Thursday, March 24, 2011

3rd day.....winning!... lol

just spent a couple of hours reading weight loss blogs and found a couple of very encouraging blogs, the exercise of reading also kept me from raiding the kitchen but now I'm starting to feel the urge... so I must off my self to bed, but not before stating that I had a good day.

breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs w sauteed mushrooms
drink: coffee with less powdered creamer than usual ;)
lunch: 2 eggs deviled style, 4 deli slices of herbed roasted turkey with mayo & mustard
snack: drats - I can't remember if I did, but if I did I know it was good!
Dinner:1 pork rib w onions
snack: nothing did not dare walk into kitchen

Ok, off to bed now........Thank you Jesus for a wonderful day!


Yes..... I am at 228lbs this morning & I wonder why my size 18's are uncomfortable! Only 2 measly pounds from 230.....not even a skip and a jump away. Oh I know how I got to this point, can we scream 'Sedentary lifestyle & boredom eating'. I can sincerely say I don't remember the last time I felt hunger....

I told a co-worker that I should wear a bell on my shoes and when she hears it, 9 times out of 10 I'm heading to the fully stocked kitchen so she is to tackle me on the cold slippery hallway tile and try to knock some sense into me.... but since she is over 60 and I am over 225lbs, I think she is a bit apprehensive..... So it's up to me!

Yesterday was day 2 of my lower than usual low carb eating day - I say lower than usual because I'm doing the cardinal sin of not writing everything down, so although I'm definetly eating low carb - if it's low enough I can only hope.

Breakfast - 2 Scrambled eggs with sauteed onions & peppers

Drink - 1 cup of coffe w lot less powdered creamer than usual

Lunch - Small can of tuna, mayo, mustard, dill pickle, red bell pepper

Drink - Diet tea - (I need help with the digestion IYKWIM)

Snack - 3 slices of herbed roasted turkey dip of mayo & mustard

Dinner - 1 cup of leftover alfredo topping without the alfredo just the veggies & beef

Drink - Sugar free flavored water

Snack - sauted onions, mushrooms & cauliflower

Water lots of water through out the day.......... good thing I like water.

Now all this sauteing has been done with vegetable oil, I wonder if I should be using olive oil or butter instead....

On other news:

My son has been coming into my dressing room every morning as I'm applying my make-up and hair and just stands there, we have small chats as he watches me...... and watches. I have not asked him what is that holds such interest in him, but I will, I will.... lol

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An Awakening?

As I was changing this morning - I realized I have become that which I have (dare I actually write this down) 'mocked'..... oh yes, I am still wearing an 18's just that my tire has gone from regular car size to a monster truck size, and yes it can get bigger yet. At this point I can no longer grab my 'lonja' with my hand.
So I need to stop beating me up for it and for my sake and family do something about it. I remember feeling great while doing low-carb. I had energy, my apetite actually decreased, lost the inches and 'carby' food no longer tasted as good as I remembered.
First things first:
Take it one day at a time
Jot down what I eat

Three short and sweet guidelines that I read are a sure road to success.

1st day:
Breakfast: 2 Scrambled eggs topped w/ sauteed onions & bell peppers
1 cup of Coffee, less powder cream than usual & SL
Lunch: Albacore tuna w mayo, served with orange bell pepper
#2 Tea.....I really need the
Snack: Bacon slices - precooked
Cheese - string & low fat
Dinner: Pollo Correteado & Salsa