Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Public School - New Phase

Our family is entering a new phase.......public school! or rather a charter school - but nonetheless it will be out of our 'control' sort of speak.
It has been decided that Lorenzo will attend a charter school for the next year or two (depending on how it goes) & I am in the throes of apprehension. This area will definitely become a challenge for me - for the last 4 years I have peacefully left my home every morning, knowing that my son is in good hands - his father has taught him & together they both have learned so much more than book knowledge. Now, just thinking about him going to school my stomach gets knotty - although I know God is in control & I definitely know that the experience will be good for my son - I do so want to protect him from any hurts & dissapointments. I must soldier forward, as my son so often tells me 'I am not a little boy - do not put me in a 'box' because of my age' & that my friends is a whole another blog.
I personally will grow in God, the anxiety that most moms experience in the first day of school, I've had the priviledge to delay for 5 years & now my time has come to face the music........
Lord Jesus, give me the wisdom of discernment when problems arise in school - help me to be vigilant in all areas concerning my son's physical & spiritual being. Jesus, give Lorenzo wisdom, grace & favor in his new environment - definitely I pray for his teachers, for greater understanding of all students, for insight on how to deal with class problems, for inspiration in their class lessons - I thank you God for the priviledge of this experience, I trust in You Lord - 'for all things work for the good of those that believe/trust in You' I believe that your wisdom/grace/mercy will continue to abide in the midst of my family.

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