Thursday, March 24, 2011


Yes..... I am at 228lbs this morning & I wonder why my size 18's are uncomfortable! Only 2 measly pounds from 230.....not even a skip and a jump away. Oh I know how I got to this point, can we scream 'Sedentary lifestyle & boredom eating'. I can sincerely say I don't remember the last time I felt hunger....

I told a co-worker that I should wear a bell on my shoes and when she hears it, 9 times out of 10 I'm heading to the fully stocked kitchen so she is to tackle me on the cold slippery hallway tile and try to knock some sense into me.... but since she is over 60 and I am over 225lbs, I think she is a bit apprehensive..... So it's up to me!

Yesterday was day 2 of my lower than usual low carb eating day - I say lower than usual because I'm doing the cardinal sin of not writing everything down, so although I'm definetly eating low carb - if it's low enough I can only hope.

Breakfast - 2 Scrambled eggs with sauteed onions & peppers

Drink - 1 cup of coffe w lot less powdered creamer than usual

Lunch - Small can of tuna, mayo, mustard, dill pickle, red bell pepper

Drink - Diet tea - (I need help with the digestion IYKWIM)

Snack - 3 slices of herbed roasted turkey dip of mayo & mustard

Dinner - 1 cup of leftover alfredo topping without the alfredo just the veggies & beef

Drink - Sugar free flavored water

Snack - sauted onions, mushrooms & cauliflower

Water lots of water through out the day.......... good thing I like water.

Now all this sauteing has been done with vegetable oil, I wonder if I should be using olive oil or butter instead....

On other news:

My son has been coming into my dressing room every morning as I'm applying my make-up and hair and just stands there, we have small chats as he watches me...... and watches. I have not asked him what is that holds such interest in him, but I will, I will.... lol

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