Thursday, March 24, 2011

3rd day.....winning!... lol

just spent a couple of hours reading weight loss blogs and found a couple of very encouraging blogs, the exercise of reading also kept me from raiding the kitchen but now I'm starting to feel the urge... so I must off my self to bed, but not before stating that I had a good day.

breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs w sauteed mushrooms
drink: coffee with less powdered creamer than usual ;)
lunch: 2 eggs deviled style, 4 deli slices of herbed roasted turkey with mayo & mustard
snack: drats - I can't remember if I did, but if I did I know it was good!
Dinner:1 pork rib w onions
snack: nothing did not dare walk into kitchen

Ok, off to bed now........Thank you Jesus for a wonderful day!

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Princess Dieter said...

Good for you for staying out of the kitchen! My danger zone is night-time eating, so I leave enough calories for a late snack if I need it. Don't always need it.

I see you're going low carb. I restricts carbs, too, but allow fruits and unlimited veggies. I do need to not have as much fruit as I used to love to (I could eat 10+ servings a day), cause for Insulin Resistance, it can be a weight loss staller. However, I love me papaya for breakfast and berries, pineapple, plums, cherries..well, most fruits... :)

Thanks for visiting Happy Weight After. I hope we make our goal weights THIS YEAR!!!!

Keep fighting!

(I a previous post you asked about what oils to use. I keep reading lately about some problematic issues with vegetable oils. I've segued to using more butter and I've always used olive oil for lighter to medium heat. High heat ...I forget the oil recommended for that. One of the primal blogs talks about which oils for what. Hmm...wish I could remember. But I mostly use medium and low heats.)

Happy Weekend!