Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Report................

Well, yesterday was not a good day...... not terribly bad but definetly not good (had a small Coldstone icecream in a cup, wish I could say it was worth it).
The thing is that while I was eating the icecream, my mind kept telling me that I really did not want it.... but I persisted and finished it off. So now you see the me that I'm fighting against - the healthy/skinny me that wants to win keeps getting beat up by the unhealthy, selfish me. I had a plan that I should have stuck with (getting tea before meeting up w friend) but I was running late..... the rest is history, I have no one to blame but myself.

Today is not over yet but the healthy me is in control and looking forward to the future - I weigh in tomorrow, although I don't expect a loss perhaps there will even be a gain as long as is under 230 I can work with it.

My dear husband informed me that he prepared food for the week - home made mac & cheese, rice, pasta, hamburger patties, etc.... I did not have the heart to let him know that I would not be eating it, but at least now that I know he does not plan to cook I can be sure to eat before I get home or even cook!

I believe that I have a pretty good menu going.....
Breakfasts - scrambled eggs w vegetable toppings
Lunches - tuna mix w bell peppers, deli turkey- boiled eggs platter
Dinner - Pollo Correteado, Ronnie's salad

As I type away, there is a box full of candy bars for a school fundraiser........ I can not believe that I actually am not drawn to them - but the 'bad' me wants to take over and 'what the heck go for it'... but if I stop and really communicate with myself - I do not crave the candy.......

I close with this..... the last time I went to a doctor, I told him that I did not have an appetite, that I just ate because it was there...... he was very matter of fact with telling me 'eso no esta bien, porque no le pones atencion a tu cuerpo, es el unico que vas a tener'..........

Ok, one more thought just came to mind..... I can do all things with/thru God who strengthens me...... Amada, you can have a healthy week, stop, think, walk past the carbs.

p.s. I know that there is an errant 'k' floating in the writing somewhere, but for the life of my bad eyesight I can not located.... so here goes to posting 'as is'

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