Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An Awakening?

As I was changing this morning - I realized I have become that which I have (dare I actually write this down) 'mocked'..... oh yes, I am still wearing an 18 size.......it's just that my tire has gone from regular car size to a monster truck size, and yes it can get bigger yet. At this point I can no longer grab my 'lonja' with my hand.
So I need to stop beating me up for it and for my sake and family do something about it. I remember feeling great while doing low-carb. I had energy, my apetite actually decreased, lost the inches and 'carby' food no longer tasted as good as I remembered.
First things first:
Take it one day at a time
Jot down what I eat

Three short and sweet guidelines that I read are a sure road to success.

1st day:
Breakfast: 2 Scrambled eggs topped w/ sauteed onions & bell peppers
1 cup of Coffee, less powder cream than usual & SL
Lunch: Albacore tuna w mayo, served with orange bell pepper
#2 Tea.....I really need the help...lol
Snack: Bacon slices - precooked
Cheese - string & low fat
Dinner: Pollo Correteado & Salsa

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